You My People?

So this was the social media post I wrote at the weekend in the hope of attracting one or two business owners, who like me and my family, were about to chill out on the sofa, to watch the rugby and a little afternoon downtime. 

Maybe just maybe they might glance at their phone, and give little ole me some of their time…

Sadly, not a dickie bird. Diddly squat.

You see the thing is, I’m putting a new offer together with folk just like YOU in mind.

Folk that:

➡️qualified in a specialist trade
➡️who is a business owner
➡️and who knows they need to market their business

If that’s a YES to all three I’d LOVE you to get in touch.

You are probably a hands-on kinda person who’d rather be DOING than marketing your business, maybe you wouldn’t know where to start, have no interest, or you’ve been meaning to address this, but haven’t got around to it (cos you’re a very busy person, right?)

This isn’t with setting up a sales call in mind (not at all), although that would be great result for me, but this is purely, a market research exercise with people like YOU in mind.

If you have time to spare, this coming working week, please comment below or DM me.

Huge BIG thanks in advance to those willing to share their time to help little ole Mustard & me!

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