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Chief Mustard Maker


I’m Joely, chief mustard maker, marketer & mentor here at Mustard HQ.

I love all things marketing, and the ever-changing digital world, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The jargon, the constantly shifting landscape, the terminology, the technology, and the myriad of different strategies, platforms, updates, algorithms, apps, the list goes on.

I can help you stop wasting time with the stuff you don’t want to deal with, and let me crack on with all things marketing for you. Allowing you to carry on being wholly focussed on what you do best.

Goodness knows there are 101 other things to think about and to manage, and they all impinge on your time, productivity, and energy levels. I see and hear you. I get it and I’ve got you covered.


I’ve worked in most areas of marketing over the years, delivered products and services in the consumer and business markets, largely across the financial services, education & publishing sectors.

I’ve been involved with and managed many different marketing and communications projects and programmes. Organised numerous pitches, campaigns, events, launches, mergers & rebrands, at home and abroad, for some well-known brands, such as; Franklin Mint, The Lloyds Banking Group, Ogilvy & Mather, Bloomsbury Publishing amongst others.


Let’s have a chat, and we can discuss what help you need. I shall gather as much info as I can, and possibly carry out an audit for you, to assess your marketing in place, highlight any obvious gaps, and suggest some possible solutions, and recommend a course of action. 

You can take a look at my services, but if you’d like something a little more bespoke to your business needs, do get in touch. Click here to schedule a call.


The Mustard mission is to help service-based businesses, either creatives, professional practitioners, coaches, educators etc, by taking away the overwhelm of the online world, removing the barriers, and stripping back the jargon. And showing business owners a simplified way to create a profitable, sustainable model and future (and try and have some fun along the way!)


Honestly:  From the outset, we shall state whether or not, we think that Mustard’s the right choice for you. If we do work together, we will always be open, honest and happy to share details, methods, tools used along the journey, and of course the time taken to do the best job.

Simply:  Provide a clear overview of your marketing and its issues, and then how we can solve them. All communicated in a language we can all understand, and that is jargon-free.

Transparently: Everything set out, agreed and signed off in the proposal. No surprises, hidden costs, extra steps required, and if (at any point) extra time is required, which we all know does happen from time to time, full details will be discussed and explained, as and when, and ample time will be allowed for any revised delivery dates and/or additional costs.


Since Mustard was set-up in 2019, I’ve been lucky to work with a number of client projects and to have retainer clients.

Here is some client feedback received about the Mustard Marketing Services provided.

Mustard Marketing Services has delivered as promised. Joely’s marketing knowledge and expertise, coupled with her personality, energy, and ardent commitment to our brand and our clients, is at the very heart of everything she does. 

Since working with us Joely has revised our marketing strategy, devised a tactical plan, and has introduced retention and recruitment programmes, with a clear set of objectives for each. It was critical to continue to serve, deliver and empower our clients, and introduce a system that consistently generates quality leads for growth. 

Allowing the rest of the business to focus on what they do best, which is to provide the best online quality management , training, assessment & support system for MOT business owners & teams across the UK.”

Barry Babister, Managing Director, MOT Juice Ltd.

Since working with Mustard Marketing Services, it has opened my eyes to the power and possibilities of digital marketing, and social media for my business. Joely has transformed the LevyBooks brand and my social media strategy and communications. Very pleased with my decision to use MMS.”

Lisa Donlevy, Managing Director, LevyBooks Ltd

Customer Experience Is Everything

Work with me

What I Can Help You With

  • Marketing strategy & planning – help business owners get clear on the what, the why, and the how
  • Manage your marketing (website, social media, email) so you can focus elsewhere
  • Deliver to deadlines
  • Test & learn together – tweak and review tactics
  • Record, analyse & report across all marketing activities
  • Support you to build better marketing practises, and a more profitable business
£30 per hour 
– only one spot (half-day retainer) available!

Need help with your Content Marketing and Planning?

  • I can carry out a Content Audit and present the findings to you. 
  • I will also suggest my recommendations, these can be implemented by the business or by myself.
  • Together, we can establish your key priorities and create a Communications Strategy & Content Plan, and a Brand Style Guide (if required). 
  • Set about planning and producing appropriate mixed format content, suitable for multi platforms, that communicates with your different audiences.
  • Monitor, review & tweak, according to the response, results, feedback & data.
6-Week Project 
(3 months content tailormade for your business)

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Let's do this, As easy As...

Step 1 to make contact with Mustard


  • Contact me anyway you want to, if you’d like to book in for an introductory call please click here
  • If we decide we’re good to go. I’ll ping you a client questionnaire to get started
  • Once received, we can book in a kick-off call (by phone or Zoom), whichever you’d prefer.
Step 2 Mustard get in touch


  • During the kick-off call we can discuss the details, establish key objectives, deliverables, timeline & costs
  • Once agreed, I’ll draw-up a project plan and contract for sign-off
  • Agree how we want to work together, confirm how and when you’d like to receive your progress updates & reports. 
Step 3 Mustard Marketing Services


  • At the end of your project, a full review and handover will take place
  • And where appropriate, a project summary with an overview of your data, results and highlights, with Mustard’s recommendations for your marketing going forward.  

Have you got any questions?

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